TC Tino Recovery & Vulnerability Reduction Plan 2020 costs more than $102 million

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Today, Monday 25 May 2020 –By Kitiona Tausi

A 26-page document titled “TC Tino Recovery & Vulnerability Reduction Plan 2020 has just been endorsed by Cabinet last week.

The Plan was a result of a Rapid Assessment Team that was formed by government to carry out Initial Damage Assessments to ascertain the extent of damages on the islands as reported by the National Disaster Committee from islands in Tuvalu during TC Tino.

TC Tino was a Tropical Cyclone that struck the islands of Tuvalu on Friday morning, 17th January 2020. The group observed damaging winds, heavy rain, squally thunderstorms, and very rough seas with north westerly swells of up to 8 meters, which overflowed into most islands causing flooding inland and inundation,

The plan was developed by a government rapid assessment team consisting of various government departments and non-government partners to carry out Initial Damage Assessments to ascertain the extent of damages on the islands caused by Cyclone Tino that struck the islands on 17 January 2020.

The team was led by the Minister of the Ministry of Public Works, Infrastructure, Environment, Labour, Meteorology and Disaster, Hon Amupelosa Tehulu and Secretary to Government who is also the Chair of the National Disaster Committee.

According to the TC Tino Recovery & Vulnerability Reduction Plan 2020, a budget total of$102, 894, 521.4. is required for financing the plan.

The budget is distributed by priority sector according to the followings:

Food Security - $ 4, 130,079.20
Coastal Protection - $ 38,648,000.00
WASH - $ 4,845,597.00
Infrastructure - $ 50,633,070.50
Strategies for Implementation - $ 4,046.864.00
Disaster Response to date - $ 788,252.43

TOTAL - $102,894,521.4

The report also stated that the Government of Tuvalu has committed AUD$21,067.44 towards residual emergency response to support communities to recover. AUD$18,050,995.44 has been received from the following donors:

World Bank - AUD$13,500,000.00
ADB - AUD$ 4,500,000.00
Australia Defense Cooperation -
Program AUD$ 50,995.44

Total received - AUD$18,050,995.44

Extra funding below has also been confirmed:

FAO - Food Security = AUD$1,716,854.00
SPC – Food Security =. AUD$ 800,000.00

Total Tentative donors - AUD$2,516 854.00

According to the report, the Government of Tuvalu has also committed AUD$500,000.00 for the Nanumaga and the Niulakita Clinics.

Looking at the budget there is a financial gap of AUD$81,826,671.60 exists and the Government of Tuvalu therefore requests the international community to support in covering the financial gap in the Plan. The plan aims to support affected islands recover from the effects of TC Tino and to ensure resilience to increasing and projected threats of climate change and climate variability.

According to the Plan, “building resilience and reducing vulnerability is the cornerstone of the recovery recommendations. All sectors involved have prioritized the most vulnerable of the affected communities and work needed to build the capacity and therefore resilience of the communities and local authorities and prepare for future disasters.”

The ultimate goal of the Rapid Assessment is “No one left behind”. This mean that every sector of the community was included in the plan.

The goal is that Tuvaluans can better anticipate climate and disaster risks, be better prepared by using appropriate mitigation and adaptation mechanisms to minimize impacts of any future disaster be it a cyclone, storm surge, drought or health outbreak.

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