Cabinet is satisfied with our health facilities in response to the Covid-19 virus

COVID-19 News

Today, Monday 06 July 2020 – Kitiona Tausi

The Prime Minister, Hon Kausea Natano confirmed to Tuvalu Paradise News that Cabinet is satisfied with our health facilities after Cabinet carried an inspection of these facilities.

Hon. Kausea Natano said that Cabinet visited the Princess Margret Hospital last Friday, 04 July to see

the arrival of some of the required and supplies that the hospital had been waiting for.

After seeing these facilities, they were quite satisfied and said our hospital is now capable of carrying out tests of the covid-19 virus. The hospital has now 3 PCR machines that can test the virus with the required cartridges. We have already one ventilator and we expect another 10.

Hon. Natano also said they visited the quarantine quarters at K-Housea and are all ready to accommodate more than 90 persons. The new Isolation Ward at the hospital is also ready.

In line with the reopening of our borders, it is something that the National Taskforce on the Coronavirus Covid-19 virus to discuss.

The Taskforce to decide on the repatriation of our fisheries observers

More than twenty fisheries observers are working on fishing boats overseas and have expired their contracts with these fishing companies but cannot return because of the lockdown. Their return has been a priority of government and the Fisheries Department has been making negotiations with these fishing companies in ways to retain them on the boats by extending their contracts until the lockdown is lifted.

Last weekend some of the fishing boats (perseiners) with our fisheries observers on board were fishing in our waters and requested if our observers could be returned.

Cabinet, however, was called for a meeting and agreed to refer the issue to the National Taskforce. In the meantime, the Taskforce is yet to make a decision.

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