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Today, Friday 14 August 2020 – Kitiona Tausi

The new government under the leadership Prime Minister, Hon. Kausea Natano has produced a new option for Tuvalu in line with the impacts of climate change, an option that was contrary to the previous government’s plan. It may be a PLAN B, but it looks like it is an option for an individual and not for the whole nation.

The new option was revealed by Hon. Prime Minister, Mr. Kausea Natano in his opposition to the motion of no confidence moved by the former Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Enele S. Sopoaga during the last Parliament Session in mid-July 2020.

Two weeks after the Parliament session, I had the opportunity to interview Hon. Natano about this option. He said his government really supports the previous government’s stance that there is no PLAN B and the plan is that Tuvalu will not be relocated but Tuvalu will continue to fight climate change to ensure that Tuvalu will continue to be habitable or exists for many more generations to come.

But this new option guarantees government’s assistance in facilitating a process that enable any Tuvaluan whether an individual or a family should they decide to migrate somewhere overseas. ‘We are not forcing people to leave Tuvalu but government will assist them in the process. My government will continue to build up Tuvalu to ensure its safety and protection from the impacts of climate change.”

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