Ministry of Education launches literacy and numeracy resource material for Tuvalu preschools

Education News

Issue No. 32/2020 – Wednesday, 09 September 2020 (Kitiona Tausi)

A staff of the Australia High Commission in Tuvalu, Ms. Falemalu Jeff presented to the Vaiaku Preschool the resource material as required for the development of the literacy and numeracy education programme in the preschools. The Vaiaku Preschool accepted the material on behalf of all preschools in Tuvalu.

Attending the ceremony were the Acting Director of Education, Mrs. Kaai Falasa, senior education officers of the ministry and officers who are involved in the Australian project to support education in Tuvalu.

There were two reading books both written by Mrs. Selema Vaega and illustrated by Mr. Tenene Nelu. Both books were written in the Tuvalu and the English languages.

On behalf of the Ministry of Education, Mrs. Falasa thanked the Australia Government for financing the production and the printing of

the two very useful books for the preschools.
One book is titled “In my Garden” and the other book “My Happy Family”.

I was invited also invited to conduct words of blessing of the material and I gave them a brief message on the Book of Daniel reflecting on the four Jewish exiles in Babylon who were required to be taught how to read and write as required for their positions in the Royal Court.

“Literacy and numeracy are the keys to successful learning. We had to acknowledge the works of the Samoan missionaries who took charge of the mission of the London Missionary Society in Tuvalu since the

inception of Christianity to Tuvalu in the early 1860s who had been responsible for teaching our forefathers and parents to read and to write.”

After the formal launching ceremony, the books were read to the students by Ms. Falemalu Jeff in the English version and preschool teacher, Mrs. Vini Fakailoga in the Tuvalu version and students gathered around to listen to the reading.

One of the mothers, Mrs. Silati Filiake represented the students’ parent in responding to the presentation of the books. Mrs. Filiake also thanked the Ministry of Education for its support to the preschools as well as to the Government of Australia for financing the production and the printing of the books as well as to its support for education in Tuvalu.

She encouraged the preschool teachers not only to use the books effectively but also to keep the books well.

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