EKT Fa’kai Fou Youths benefit from a sewing and screen printing workshop

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Issue No. 34/2020 – Monday, 14 September 2020 (Kitiona Tausi)

A two-week workshop on sewing and screen printing has benefitted more than 30 youths of the Fa’kai Fou EKT Church. The workshop was facilitated by two women from the Church, the wife of Rev. Tofiga Falani, Mrs. Tangira Falani and Mrs. Saini Kautu who have had a lot of experience in sewing and screen printing.

The workshop was officially closed last Saturday, 12 September 2020 at the venue of the workshop, the Nanutasi Hall. The few of the invited guests include officers of the church and dignitaries.

The Chief Guest was no other than the smiling Ambassador of the Republic of China on Taiwan to Tuvalu, His Excellency Mark Su.

In fact, the Office of the Taiwan Embassy donated an amount of AU$2,500 to assist the project and Mrs. Lina Batty, donated $1,000 also for the project.

In his speech, Mark Su said his government is pleased to assist Tuvalu in projects that it feels worthy and relevant to enhancing a better quality of life and projects that create employment and generate revenues.

Mrs. Saini Kautu, one of the workshop facilitator said the project was for the benefit of the youths to enable themselves provide for their dress needs especially uniform needs as they always require to wear a uniform in important functions.

She also explained that the other purpose of the workshop was to enable to provide employment for the youths as one can run a sewing and screen printing business and there is a great need for these products on the capital.

Mrs. Kautu also thanked the youth participants for their interest on the workshop and especially the boys.

The workshop was only held in the evenings between 8.00pm – 10.00pm and she said that most of them continued up to midnight from Mondays to Fridays because of their interest.

She also explained that the money they received were used to pay for fabrics and the dyes they used in the workshop.

She said the youths were taught how to make pillow cases and bedsheets and eve dye them. They were also taught how to make a man’s shirt and even a woman’s dress.

The Commissioned Minister of the congregation, Rev Tofiga Falani thanked the Tuvalu Embassy of Taiwan for the big donation ,without it the workshop would not happen. He also thanked the other donor, Mrs. Lina Batty for the generous financial support.

After the formal part of the closing ceremony, the quests were treated to a big feast of barbecued meat, a roasted pig and many other food varieties.

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