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Issue No. 34/2020 – Monday, 14 September 2020 (Kitiona Tausi)

All churches of the Ekalesia Kelisiano Tuvalu (EKT) celebrated EKT Fathers’ Day last Sunday, 13 September 2020. There are five EKT congregations on the capital and all have programs for the day and especially a special service that Sunday to commemorate the Day.

I am a member of the Vaiaku EKT Church and I had the opportunity to cover the Sunday programme of the Church.

The commemoration service was held in the morning of Sunday, 13 September 2020 and was led by the Commissioned Minister of the Church, Rev Elder Penitusi Taeia. The theme of the Day was “The image of a trustworthy father.

The hymns of the service were provided by the Church Choir, the three parts of the prayer were said by Mr. Taukiei Lesaa (Thanksgiving), Mr. Elisaia Paepae (Confession) and Mr. Peia Tefau (Intercession).

Three speakers included Mr. Kapuaua Eli, Mr. Tofuola Fakapae and Mr. Loisio Samuelu and the main sermon was delivered by Rev. Penitusi Taeia. Mr. Avatele Asuelu stood in to take the opportunity that was offered to any of the father.

Mr. Kapua Eli, the first speaker used Genesis 6: 22 as his text: “Noah did everything that God commanded.”

His theme was ,“Ensure that you fear and obey God and you will live with your family.”

Mr. Eli said that God unjustly favored Noah. God was angry and wanted to punish those who disobey and only Noah was found to be rightheous.

He instructed Noah to build an ark that could save him and his family. In fact, Noah and his family were saved by God from the flood as a result of his obedience to God.

Mr. Eli challenged the fathers about the status of their obedience to God. Can God really responds to our hope in life. Noah’s obedience was compensated when he and his family were all saved by God in the flood.

“God is the fountain of all blessings and that God cares for us if we can be like Noah.”

He finally urged fathers to change their outlook or viewpoint.

The second speaker was Mr. Loisio Samuelu and he used Luke 15: 20 as his text: “So he got up and started back to his father.”

His theme was “Who benefits from your father’s distant outlook.”

Mr. Samuelu answered for himself the questions and said “Could they be people at home, just a few people or just yourself?”

“A father always concern or watch the wellbeing of his children in the future. These days are not easy for fathers as they do not know how to pray, they do not have positions in the church and they do not go to church.”

The third speaker was Mr. Tofuola Fakapae and he used Luke 15: 31 “My Son, you are always here with me, and everything I have is yours.

The theme was “the one unity outlook of the trustworthy father.”

Mr. Fakapae was concerned about unity in the family saying that there is no discrimination in the family and the trustworthy father ensures that the family is united.

The father in the story of the prodigal son knows the impacts in the family and he immediately stands up to try and resolve the situation and get the sons united both physically and spiritually.
He concluded his speech by saying that “we should live a life of forgiving and of loving each other.”

An opportunity was given to any of the father that may wish to say a few words and this opportunity was taken up by Mr. Avatele Asuelu who has arrived from Vaitupu recently.

Mr. Asuelu used Exodus 12:11 for his theme, “You are to eat it quickly, for you are to be dressed for travel, with your sandals on your feet and your walking stick in your hand, it is the Passover Festival to honor me, the Lord.”

The theme of his address was “The Passover is the last meal in the country of bondage.”

Mr. Asuelu said, “it was God’s will for the Israelites to cross the sea and to clean themselves from the dirt of slavery. We have been cleaned by the Word of God.”

Mr. Asuelu challenged the congregation if they have had a last supper in te country you are living in of sins.

The service leader, Rev Penitusi Taeia added a few remarks to the theme of the Day and he used the Text of John 13: “And now I give you a new commandment: love one another.”

The theme of his sermon was “Our Saviour Lord Jesus Christ’s will for his disciples”

We make our will in our tangible possessions, properties, money, but Jesus had no possession and even money his parent gave him. So he could not will anything because he had nothing to will for. But he had private non-tangible possessions like a promise or an oath or an assurance that they would become trustworthy disciples to build nations.

The contents of his will contains the followings:

  1. His offer of blessings and well-beings which he has offered or will to his disciples. It is a death will that will form the basis of a life of security and peace in the family.
  2. His offer of power where people struggle for power in this world. Many are hungry for this power but the Lord Jesu Christ gave this power to his disciples, it is the power to do justice.
  3. The command to love one another which he offered as a new commandment to his disciples.

Rev Taeia said “Christ’s will is for you personally. The command to love is not only to proclaim it in words but it should be practical., You cannot claim yourself to be a trustworthy father if you do not put into practice the will of Christ. He did not only will it but he lived it as well.

After the service, the fathers were invited for brunch by the women of the church and then few hymns were sung by two groups for the entertainment part of the program.

Tuvalu Paradise News wish all EKT fathers within and outside Tuvalu a Happy Fathers’ Day 2020.

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