Tuvalu National Sports Ground under repair

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Issue No. 36/2020 – Friday, 18 September 2020 (Kitiona Tausi)

National sports competition on the capital has been shifted to take place at the end of the southern end of the runway because the Tuvalu Sports Ground is under repair. It has been for two weeks now since repair work started at the playground and it is envisaged that the ground would be ready before the 42nd Anniversary of Independence celebrations.

The workers said that they are filling with sand the muddy part of the field and then allow the grass to grow again.

Sports News

On Thursday afternoon, there was a volley ball match between the Haapai A Team from the Nanumaga Sports Club and the Tofaga A Team from the Vaitupu Sports Club. At the end of the game, Haapai won by 3 sets to 1 Tofaga.

In this same afternoon, in women’s soccer, Funafuti Team played against Tofaga Team from Vaitupu and the final score resulted in Funafuti scoring 3 and Vaitupu none.

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