Hospital in-patients will have balanced diets

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Issue No. 39/2020 – Friday, 25 September 2020 (Kitiona Tausi)

The Taiwan Mission in Tuvalu is proud to promote its gardening skills to help Tuvalu people with their dietary problems. This morning, I was among those who witnessed the first harvest from the hospital vegetable garden that the Taiwan mission helped to plant.

Taiwan Ambassador, Excellency Mark Su, staff of his office and other of the embassy staff engaged in its technical mission Tuvalu were proud to witness the results of the hard work and labor at the hospital garden.

Excellency Mark Su, “Taiwan is very pleased to held Tuvalu in growing vegetables in an effort to help Tuvalu face the challenges as brought

about by Non-communicable diseases especially diabetes and high-blood pressure.

The hospital garden was established few years back but it had failed to provide enough vegetables for in-patients at the hospital. Recently, the Taiwan mission took over together with assistance and support from the Agriculture Department and the Live and Learn Organization and casual hospital workers who look after the garden daily.

The aim of the garden was to provide enough vegetables to enable the chefs at the hospital provide a healthy and balanced diet for the in-patients.

The Taiwan mission hopes to expand the garden to make use of available land space in the hospital area and if this is possible, the garden would also be able to sell its produce to the public or to the hospital staff.

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