Repatriation flights from Fiji to Tuvalu resume

COVID-19 News

Repatriation flights to Tuvalu are expected to resume this week, according to Radio Tuvalu news. The next repatriation flight is expected to arrive this Thursday, 01 October 2020 and the last flight is expected to arrive on Friday, 02 October 2020.

Thursday, 01 and Friday October, 02 have been declared as public holiday in respect of the celebration of the 2020 Anniversary of Tuvalu Independence.

On Thursday 01 October and Friday, 02 October, passengers who arrived on the last two repatriation flights from Fiji will be released from the quarantine shelters to their families if they past the final COVID-19 virus test.

The passengers who arrived on the first repatriation flight have all been released to their families on Thursday last week.

To date, Tuvalu is still free from the virus.

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