COVID-19 and USP Lockdown

COVID-19 News

Issue No. 41/2020 – Wednesday, 30 September 2020 (Kitiona Tausi)

The USP Campus was forced to close down yesterday evening, Tuesday 29 September 2020 due to one USP student who did not follow instructions in line with the Coronavirus National Taskforce’s requirement for the protection of the country from the COVID-19 virus.With this forced closed down, 10 USP students and 4 USP employees were taken by the Police to be quarantined that same evening because the USP Campus compound was entered by this one male intern who was instructed by Police and Health Personnel to stay at home until an investigation had been concluded.

This USP intern was living together with the man who was interrogated by the Police that same day for entering the quarantine shelters where a number of Tuvaluans who were repatriated from Fiji were being detained.

This USP intern in defiance of the instruction to be self-quarantined at home, went to the USP Campus that same afternoon and the Police learned of this and came to close the Campus that same evening and took all those in the campus for quarantine, just in a virus transmission took place.

The Health personnel immediately took the two men for testing and fortunately the tests were all negative and the 10 USP students and 4 USP employees were then released after midnight.

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