National unity can only be achieved by accomplishing God’s will – Prime Minister

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Issue No. 43/2020 – Monday, 05 October 2020 (Kitiona Tausi)

Prime Minister, Hon Kausea Natano was guest of honor at the special worship service marking the 42nd anniversary of Tuvalu’s Independence, held at the fetu Ao Lima Church on Sunday afternoon, 04 October 2020.

The service was attended by members of EKT as well as other churches’ members. It was led by Acting Oresident, Rev Alefaio Honolulu and hymns were provided by EKT’s five churches on the capital. It was also attended by the Acting Governor-General, Her excellency Mrs. Teniku Talesi Honolulu aand spouse, Taiwan’s Ambassador to Tuvalu, His Excllency Marc Su and government dignitaries.

Hon Natano is an active member of the church being a deacon and a lay preacher at the Funafuti Church. As Prime Minister, he is still serving the church in his calling as a deacon and as a lay preacher.

In the church service, Hon Natano took his texts from 2 Samuel 10: 12 and Ehesians 2: 18

“Be strong and courageous! Let’s fight hard for our people and for the cities of our God. And may theLord’s will be done.” (2 Sam 10:12)

“It is through Christ that all of us, Jews and Gentiles, are able to come in the one Spirit into the presence of the Father.”

His message is focused on the theme, “Tuvalu’s national unity can only be achieved by accomplishing God’s will.

“The theme is a common saying of strong and courageous Tuvalu leaders which give courage to the unity of the nation to achieve victory and national unity, said Hon Natano.

“Unity, wellbeing and peace in the government, organizations and even in the church cannot be achieved, if God’s Spirit is missing.

“In our 42nd Anniversary of Independence, what are we trying to achieve in our quest for national unity? Hon Natano answered his own question by saying that national unity can only be achieved if we can accomplish God’s will.

The Prime Minister was concerned about the global current crisis which Tuvalu is also facing, the coronavirus pandemic, climate changes, the global economy and our worship life.

“Do we have to depend on our knowledge and wisdom or should we follow what Joab did when he had to fight two enemies, Ammon and Syria. Joan instructed his brother Abshai who led another section of the Israel army that faced the ammonites while he Joab was leading the section facing the Syrians.

“If you see the Syrians defeating my troop then you come to help me, and if I see the Ammonites defeating your troop, we will come to help you. We need to save these cities and our people.

“Now what is our strategy to containing these crises, can Tuvalu consolidate and re-organize itself to prioritize God’s will in our life? It is only through Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior by which we can achieve national unity and a life of peace, prosperity and wellbeing,” said Hon. Kausea Natano.

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