Indonesia provides aid assistance for Tuvalu

Government News

Issue No. 44/2020 – Friday, 09 October 2020 (Kitiona Tausi)

The Indonesia Government has provided aid assistance totaling to a US$20,000 for COVID-19 relief. The cheque was presented yesterday by an Indonesian national, Imam Firdaus who look after the Muslim Community here in Funafuti to the Minister of Justice, Communication and Foreign Affairs, Hon Simon Kofe at the Rt. Hon Sir Dr. Tomasi Puapua.

Imam Firdaus was given the opportunity by his government to present to the Government of Tuvalu. In presenting the certificate of the cheque, he said “I hope this cheque can help the government of Tuvalu during this unprecedented time that we are having right now in the world, hoping that in the future we can make more relationships between Tuvalu and Indonesia.”

On behalf of the government of Tuvalu, Hon Simon Kofe thanked the Indonesian government through Imam Firdaus for a very generous gift of $20,000 to support government priorities and initiatives during this time.

He said this time had been a difficult year with covid-19, with border closure, we are prioritizing again government priorities.

“Indonesia has been a very good friend of Tuvalu; this is obviously one of the many thing Indonesia is supporting Tuvalu, a landing craft Indonesia is funding, support that came last year for the building of this building and many other areas, thus we appreciate and value the diplomatic relationship.

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