Children White Sunday observes in Tuvalu

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Issue No. 45/2020 – Monday, 12 October 2020 (Kitiona Tausi)

White Sunday is a Christian terminology referring to a one Sunday in a year where all children wear white shirts for boys and white dress for girls. It is a Sunday in a year when children are given special treatment by their parents and children in their churches entertain their parents with religious performances like bible recitations, bible dramas and singing.

In Tuvalu, the Ekalesia Kelisiano Tuvalu has begun celebration of the Day since the inception of Christianity into Tuvalu and when churches on each island fully established with missionaries stationed on each island probably in the late 1860s.

The early Ekalesia Kelisiano Tuvalu selected the second Sunday of October as the annual date for the Whit Sunday.

This year, the Day was celebrated yesterday, Sunday 11 October 2020 and all EKT churches in Tuvalu and abroad observed the Day. As a member of the Vaiaku EKT’s Congregational Christian Church, I was able to observe the whole programme of the Day. The program was developed by the Sunday School teachers for Sunday and also for Monday, 12 August which has been declared a public holiday in Tuvalu.

The program began with all children gathering at the Pelesepa Falekaupule and then paraded themselves under the main office’s parking space to the south side of the office and then marched to the church which is about 20 meters’ distance.

The church was packed with worshippers and especially parents and guardians who wanted to see the children’s performances.

The program was fully under the control of the children and the Sunday School teachers.

The service was led by Mr. Taitai Faila, a 14 year Sunday School student and children provided the singing and all parts of the program. 

After the service on Sunday morning, all children from the 5 EKT congregations on the capital gathered at about 5.00pm at the Tulakiiga Falekaupule for more celebrations.

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