Waste Management promotes Dry Litter System for piggery

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Issue No. 01/2020 – Monday, 30 November 2020 (Kitiona Tausi)

The Waste Management Department has started to re-promote the dry litter system for piggery, after unsuccessful attempt in the past.

Mr. Pesega Lifuka has been engaged by the Waste Management Department to oversee the project. Mr. Lifuka explained that the project is to do with a demonstration site and the site is now ready and there are only four pig pens available and can be allocated to keen and dedicated farmers.

“One pig pen has been occupied and the Waste Management Office will select the other three farmers before the end of the year.

All wastes have been managed by the Waste Management Department except these two wastes: human and animal waste. Attempt to manage human wastes had not been successful following the failure of compost toilet and Mr. Lifuka said, he is now concentrating on animal waste for pig farming.

“Although attempt in the past to introduce the dry litter system have failed, he is quite confidence that the new attempt will be successful as the public will benefit from this project. The project not only deal with pig farming but it will also provide good compost for gardening”, said Mr. Lifuka.

As a demonstration project, it is link to the proposed Saogavaka Piggery Project, a project to be undertaken by the Funafuti Council which in the meantime is still trying to secure funding for the estimated costs of AU$6 million. It is hoped that this project provided funding is secured will be implemented sometimes in the middle of 2021. The project aims to build about 400 pig pens that will be rented out to farmers on the capital.

The demonstration site has been built by K-Jason Construction Company, a local company owned by Mr. Tuaga Tuaga.

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