Family depend on flowers for family support

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Issue No. 02/2020 – Wednesday, 02 December 2020 (Kitiona Tausi)

One family in Funafuti earns their living by weaving flowers

to make a garland or head band. The wife of Mr. Tenese Manu, Meiema is supporting the family by selling these garlands made of tiare of frangipani flowers.

Meiema said she is selling garlands for $10 for a tiare garland and $7 for a frangipani garland. She is earning more than a $100 a week from the sale of the garlands.

The garlands are put on the roadside and are sold there. Sometime people just book their order especially for the weekends.

Mr. Manu said, they have a big family but only one is employed and so his wife’s business really supports their family.

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