A family lives on a vehicle rental business

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Issue No. 04/2020 – Thursday, 03 December 2020 (Kitiona Tausi)

Mr. Iosua Samasoni and his family and three children are living comfortably with the earnings they received from his vehicle rental business.

The name of the business is “TATUI TRADING”. He started the business in 2009 hiring out motor- cycles, trucks and salon cars.

Mr. Samasoni is married to Peise Panapa and they have children and they live by earnings from the business. He said their family really enjoyed life and their business which is the main source of their livelihood.

Mr. Samasoni has about 9 vehicles, trucks and saloon cars and two saloon cars are awaiting spare parts to arrive on today on the cargo boat. The rental rate for a truck is $150 for 24 hours and $100 for a saloon car. He has about 37 motor0cycles for hire and the rate is $10 a day.

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