Evening devotion to be respected

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Issue No. 04/2020 – Thursday, 03 December 2020 (Kitiona Tausi)

Evening devotion is an important part of the daily life in Tuvalu and I am sure every religious community in Tuvalu do allocate part of the evening for evening devotion in the home as well where a function people gather to.

The islands in Tuvalu as from the inception of Christianity into the Ellice Islands even before the colonial time prioritized evening devotion in the daily life. With the introduction of running motor vehicles to the former Ellice Islands and even in Tuvalu today, island communities on the outer islands enacted rules to stop running vehicles from entering main village in times of evening devotion.

The worst case is on the capital where there are so many cars and motorcycles roaming the village in the evening and the prime time for such movement is also the time for evening devotions, and thus it is a great disturbance to families when they have evening devotion. Evening devotion is a worship event which requires silent meditation, dedication and concentration, thus a complete silence is required to effect a holy and truly service.

In order to respect evening devotion, government has again introduced a new regulation to ensure the observation of evening devotion. The regulation is aimed at providing a moment of silence between 6.45pm – 7.00pm for individual or a gathering of people to get together for the benefit of the family. It is also to strengthen the usual evening devotion in all islands in Tuvalu.

All running vehicles have been regulated to stop running during this period of time in order to respect evening devotions.

The penalties are the same with the penalties under the regulation to prohibit the movement of children at night.

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