Government prohibits drinking on Sunday

Government News

Issue No. 02/2020 – Thursday, 03 December 2020 (Kitiona Tausi)

Drinking is a social behavior and is affecting the wellbeing and the peace in all the islands in Tuvalu. Most of the islands years ago have prohibited the sale of liquor meaning that drinking was only by local fermented toddy juice. This means that, a person drinks because he has this drink and there are no economic costs to it.

Recently, some of the outer islands have allowed the sale of liquor meaning a person drinks if he has money. There are many development projects running on the outer islands and people are being employed to work on these projects. This means that people on the outer islands have now access to money and are resorting to buying liquor and thus, spending money on liquor.

Government has also regulated drinking on Sunday with the aim of respecting the Tuvalu National Motto, “Tuvalu for God’.

Here on the capital, we have witnessed the unholy observation of Sunday by the issue of drinking. We are seeing a lot of mostly young men as well as married men getting drunk on Sunday, although we give due respect and honor to Sunday.

So I am sure this regulation was introduced for the purpose of observing Sunday as a Day of Worship rather than a day of drinking.

There are also penalties imposed in the regulation and are the same as the penalties imposed on the two previous regulations.

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