Trading hours’ regulation 2020 cuts super-market employee’s income

Government News

Issue No. 02/2020 – Thursday, 03 December 2020 (Kitiona Tausi)

Employees of supermarkets like JY Ocean Trading, Messamasui, Mackenzie Trading Ltd., and Edwin Food City and Sulani Trading City may lose their income as an effect of the introduction of the new trading hours’ regulation 2020.

All these supermarkets regretted the loss of income due to their employees because their shops would not trade on Sundays according to the regulation. Some of the businesses said, the business itself will also lose out because the cargoes would not be moving out and would remain in the storage containers which may cause extra charges.

When as ked about introducing a late night shopping on Saturdays, Messamasui and Sulani commented that they would have a look at that opportunity.

Government has introduced a new regulation to have all businesses and companies registered or operating in Tuvalu under the Companies and Business Regulation Act to operated only on Monday through to Saturday in a week.

In contrary, all registered guest houses and hotels may continue to trade goods and services to their bona fide guests on Sunday.

There are penalties imposed in the regulation: fixed penalty notice with a fine of $2,000, when a non- compliance notice has not been complied with; a conviction to a fine of $2,000 or to an imprisonment not exceeding 1 year when a fixed penalty has not been complied with.

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