Edwin Food City saves Funafuti residents

News Private Sector

Issue No. 02/2020 – Monday, 07 December 2020 (Kitiona Tausi)

Funafuti residents looked forward to do their shopping last Saturday knowing that government has passed a regulation to prohibit all trading activities on Sunday starting last Saturday, 06 December 2020. But last Saturday turned out to be a day of frustration for residents on Funafuti as supermarkets has decided to close business on Saturday we well.

But there was one supermarket, the Edwin Food City owned by an Iraqi man, Mr. Mohammed who married a Tuvaluan girl. This supermarket came to the rescue and opened its store the whole day and even up to late that evening.

Sources from the store said they had to comply with the government regulation that the regulation prohibit trading on Sundays only and not including Saturdays.

Although the store had run out of basic food items like rice, flour and sugar and other smaller items, new supplies of cargo arrived on the recent trip of the cargo vessel and the store was able to clear them that morning and the items were available for sale that same afternoon, and the store was crowded with shoppers until late night.

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