Supermarkets close business without enough warning

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Issue No. 06/2020 – Monday, 07 December 2020 (Kitiona Tausi)

Most Funafuti residents were unaware of the decision by supermarkets to close their businesses last Friday, 05 December 2020, a day before the adoption of the government’s regulation to ban all trading activities on Sundays starting from the next day, Saturday 06 December 2020.

Sources from JY Ocean Trading said they had to close their stores on Friday to see the impacts on the Funafuti residents. One other reason is to respect the Sabbath of the Seventh Day Adventists Church. It is only for this Friday 05 that their stores closed. The other reason is to reorganise their stores for their new cargoes which arrived on the recent trip of the cargo vessel.

The Messamasui Supermarket was also closed on Friday also to sort out their new cargoes. The SULANI Trading also closed on Friday as a result of a decision by group of businesses, especially wholesalers and retailers.

Speaker for the businesses, Mr. Kiatoa Ulika said the businesses were not happy with the regulation saying that their employees are losing income for reduction in their working hours. It also impacts the businesses in the reduction in their sales.

Mr. Ulika said, this Friday closure of business was only for this Friday, 95 December and they would observe the comments from the public.

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