Tuvalu prepares for the cyclone season

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Issue No. 06/2020 – Monday, 07 December 2020 (Kitiona Tausi)

The Disaster Management and Coordination Unit today held a briefing session for disaster committees on the capital in preparation for the cyclone season which had already begun of 20 November 2020 – 21 April 2021.

The participants to this briefing session were from the villages on Funafuti, Lofeagai, Teone, Fa’kai Fou, Funafuti, Vaiaku and Kavatoetoe. Some of these villages have disaster committee and few are yet to form their disaster committees.

The staff from the Disaster Management and Coordination Committee included Mr. Tusi Finikaso, Talavou, Fakaapoga and Paka Tauetia.

Representing the National Disaster Committee were representatives from the Tuvalu Red Cross Society, the Health Department and the Meteorological Service.

Mr. Tusi Finikaso from the Disaster and Coordination Department explained that currently Tuvalu is facing three forms of disasters: Covid-19, the cyclone season and the La Nina phenomenon. He said “it is necessary that Tuvalu should prepare itself to face the impacts as a result of these disasters. These disasters can happen concurrently as well as one at a time, but in the meantime we have the three disasters happening at the same time.

Ms. Pesega said that although Tuvalu is still a free covid-19 virus, it is necessary that we make every precaution to ensure that the disease does not arrive in the country. Some of our neighboring countries like Fiji and Samoa have already contracted the virus.

Mr. Ene from the Meteorological Service explained that for this 2020-2021 cyclone season, it is predicted that we will get 1-2 cyclones. He said a strong wind that gets to 34 knots per hour will be declared a cyclone and thus will be named.

Mr. Tusi Finikaso and Mr. Talafou Fakaapoga explained about the duties and responsibilities of the Disaster Coordination Unit before and after the cyclone to ensure preparation of families and also assisting the families in their recovery and rehabilitation.

Ms. Eleala Avanitele from the Red Cross head office also explained the roles of the society also before and after the cyclone and the humanitarian assistance the society can provide to families who are affected by the impacts of the cyclone.

The session ended in the afternoon.

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