Parliament to discuss the 2121 Appropriation Bill 2020

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Issue No. 07/2020 – Tuesday, 08 December 2020 (Kitiona Tausi)

The Minister of Finance and Economic Development will present for debate the 2021 Appropriation Bill 2020 in the next Parliament Session. The Bill, however, appropriated an amount not exceeding one hundred and six millions, five hundred and ninety seven thousand dollars ($106, 597,000) for government expenditures ending on 31 December 2021.

The budget is the biggest ever presented to Parliament by any government since independence in 1978.

The sum is appropriated as below:
Office of the Governor General:                                        $ 156,000
Office of the Prime Minister:                                               $ 6,811.800
Legal Services:                                                                         $ 1,036,600
Office of the Parliament:                                                    $ 1,076,400
Office of the Auditor General:                                           $ 380,000
Ministry of Finance:                                                                $ 26,740,500
Ministry of Public Works, Infrastructure, Environment,
Labor, Meteorology and Disaster:                                                $ 9,764,100
Minister of Health, Social Welfare and Gender Affairs           $ 13,392,800
Ministry of Fisheries and Trade                                       $ 3,944,500
Ministry of Local Government and Agriculture               $ 13,143,700
Police and Prison Services                                                 $ 2,245,600
Ministry of Transport, Energy and Tourism:                             $ 6,118,800
Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports:                                   $ 15,284,700
Judiciary:                                                                               $ 416,600
Ministry of Justice, Communication and Foreign Affairs:       $  6,084,900

Supplementary Budget (No.2) Bill 2020

This Bill authorizes the Minister of Finance to issue, by warrant, from the Consolidated Fund a sum not exceeding five million, two hundred and twenty two thousand and sixty dollars ($5,222,060) for government expenditures of this financial year ending 31 December 2020.

The sum is appropriated as below:
Ministry of Finance:                                                                       $ 3,582,090
Ministry of Health, Social Welfare and Gender Affairs:         $ 1,274,140
Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports:                                  $ 365,830

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