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Issue No. 11/2020 – Friday, 18 December 2020 (Kitiona Tausi)

The Mareta Kapane Halo (MKH) graduated 21 students this afternoon, 16 mature students and 9 primary school students. The 16 mature students graduated with certificates in Secretarial and Office Works, Computing and Accounting while the primary school students graduated with certificate in English.

The certificates were presented by me, Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi who acted as the ceremony’s chief quest this afternoon.

The Principal of the school, Mr Halo Tuavai explained that there were two courses graduating today, course 48 and course 49. In Computing, there were only two programs offered, Microsoft Word and Spreadsheet. On Accounting, he decided to concentrate on Business Accounting only.

Mr. Tuavai also reflected on the history of the school, saying it was first established in 1996 and to date, 509 students have graduated from the school and 4 students were non-Tuvalu citizens and the rest of the students came from the islands:

Nanumea – 102 students, Nanumaga – 71, Nuitao – 103, Nui – 23, Vaitupu – 65, Nukufetau – 23, Funafuti – 70, Nukulaelae – 23. The course duration is for 6 months and two courses are offered each year beginning in January to June and from July to September.

The school also affers a 1 year short hand course and so far 3 students have graduated from the program. The school is also following a special tailor-made program at USP for those students who have graduated from the school. There  is also an online computer course from Singapore the school graduates enrol in.

Mr. Tuavai acknowledged the support by the former government in donating 10 tables, 10 chairs and 5 laptops and to the new government for allowing student to do their training attachments in government offices.

After the speech by Mr. Tuavai the cake was cut and Mr. Tuavai and myself were given the opportunity to cut the cake. Then, lunch followed and the graduates performed siva.

Government assistance is required for private schools

As chief quest of today’s MKH graduation ceremony of 2020, as chief quest, I encouraged the school to try soliciting government’s financial support for the school. In the meantime, the school since it first establishment in 1996 had no other sources of funding except the course fees charged by the school.

In fact the school is a private school and must have been the first registered private school in the country and currently there is another similar school which has just been registered 2 or 3 years ago.

Education is a government priority and like other private primary and secondary schools in the country that receive financial assistance from government, I am sure these private commercial schools can also be supported by government as they contribute substantially to the development of the nation in providing well-trained people or jobs.

MKH has graduated over 500 students and most of them are now with government employment

Why should we keep learning?

In her speech to the graduates this afternoon, course coordinator and facilitator, Mrs. Mareta Kapane Halo first asked the question, “Why should we keep learning?”. She said that in nature, it is very difficult for things to stand still, they either develop and grow or regress.

“A tree grows throughout its life. It might shed old branches and leaves, but continuously it add branches and leaves. Even the rocks expose the mountain side, after geological upheaval which put them there, are weathered slowly and inexorably. So, it is with human mind, it either develops or grows or it fall behind.”

She said there is constant need to learn new techniques, new processes and new controls, for the really successful executive there is constant need for personal development.

“Many alumna and alumnus on leaving schools and beginning courses of training for office work, regard the learning of Typewriting, Computing,  Audio Typing, Specialise Typing, Accounting as the sole object of these courses. But it is necessary to impress upon would-be-typists, that the skill is not one, that can be acquired without considerable effort on their parts.”

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