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Issue No. 12/2020 – Monday, 21 December 2020 (Kitiona Tausi)

The National Strategy for Sustainable Development Plan “Te Kete” was officially launched this evening at the Funafuti Lagoon Hotel. “Te Kete” succeeds the “Kakeega III” which will come to its end on 31st December 2020.

Attending the this evening’s function included the Acting Governor-General, Excellency Mrs Teniku Talesi, the Prime Minister, Hon Kausea Natano, Cabinet Ministers and other invited guests.

Minister Hon Seve Paeniu in presenting “Te Kete” this evening said “Te Kete is the platform upon which we are able to overcome the socio-economic challenges and environmental crises in this period of the “new normal” we are now experiencing.”

Hon Paeniu gave thanks to all those who have participiated in the process of developing this plan and especially the local consultant, Rt. Hon Bikenibeu Paeniu, forme Prime Minister and the taskforce.

In comparing with the previous plan, “Te Kete” has a   life span of 10 years (2021-2030) whereas the “Kakeega III” had a duration of 4 years (2016 – 2020). The national vision for “Te Kete” is “A Peaceful, Resilient and Prosperous Tuvalu”. It maps out a 10-year strategic direction towards achieving our National Vision.

The Plan contains  5 Strategic Priority Areas (SPAs): 20 National Outcomes (NOs) and 89 Key Strategic Actions(KSAs). The strategic areas are namely: Enabling Environment, Economic Development, Social Development, Island and Culture Development and Infrastructure Development.

In the foreword of the Plan, Hon Paeniu explained that “Te Kete is taking us back to our roots, not because we are returning to the simmple tradditions life setting we inherited from our ‘forefathers’ but because we are now able to focus more on srengthening the basic structures of our society – first and foremost reviving and applying our cultural practices and values; tilling the poor soil of our atll land; the optimum use of our inshore and ocen fisheries, fostering the maintenance of our pristine atoll environment; and last but not the least mainstreaming our tradional governance system to work harmoniously well with our adopted parliamentary democratic institutions.”

During this evening’s function, staff of departments under the Ministry of Finance performed items of ‘sivas’ and the Vaitupu community in Funafuti performed local dancing.

Before the end of this evening’s function, Hon Prime Minister Kause Natano had the opportunity to deliver a speech and again he thanked all those who came to attend the function as well as to those who have been part of the process that formulated the Plan.

“The Plan is now ready and we have to depend on our mighty God to fulfil the Plan.

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