Taiwan again offers a helping hand to TATSI

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Issue No. 12/2020 – Monday, 21 December 2020 (Kitiona Tausi)

The Republic of China on Taiwan again offers a helping hand to the Tuvalu A toll Technology and Scientific Institute (TATSI) with its computer programme. This morning, the Taiwan Ambassador, Excellency Mark Su presented a donation of equipment to the value of $30,000 to support the institute.

The donation included 21 laptops, 11 tables, 1 projector and screen, 21 chairs under the Taiwan Digital Opportunity Center. In presenting the donation, Excelleny Mark Su, said its a small donation and it is a good beginning. Taiwan noticed that the basic computer skill, how to use a computer is a must for the modern and ordinary people.

He said, “Taiwan has been thinking to initiate the computer training programme for Tuvaluan people especially for the young people. We have been thinking of getting the teachers to come to train the local teachers, train the people on how to use the computer.

In response to His Excelleny Mark Su’s presentation, the Minister of Public Works, Infrastructure, Environment, Labour, Meterology and Disaster, Hon Amupelosa expressed governent’s gratitude and acnowledgement of the donaton by Taiwan.

“Over the year we have been planning to improve our TATSI and Taiwan has been one of our partneters whohas been very very supportive in assisting us with the equipment, building and other assistances.”

Hon Amupelosa regretted that the COVID-19 has delayed the arrival of teachers from Taiwan and said that since the virus was a man-made virus, it should have also a man-made solution.

In the meantime, TATSI students would be using one room at the conference center for this program and once the center has been completed at the PWD area, the program will be shifted there.

After the presentation ceremony, a ribbon was cut by Excellency Mark Su, Hon Amupelosa Tehulu and the Acting CEO of the Ministry, Mrs. Palipa Lauti to mark the presentation of the equipment.

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