CCECC has won the contract for the Niutao boat harbour

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Issue No. 01/2021 – Monday, 11 January 2021 (Kitiona Tausi)

The China Civil Engineering Construction Cooperation (CCECC) has again won the contract to build the Niutao Boat Harbor, a project under the Tuvalu Maritime Outer islands Project financed by the Asian Development.  CCECC is the same company that won the contract to build the boat harbor at Nukulaelae that is almost completed.

The Project Manager, Mr. Zhang Minquiang said the Nukulaelae project is expected to be complete by the end of April 2021. In the meantime the company is working on the new cargo shed that almost completed and the passenger shed that will be constructed soon.

Now with the new contract for the Niutao harbor, it is expected that work will start sometimes in April/May 2021 and in the meantime, the company will have to procure the material and equipment for the work.

This morning, I talked with the project staff, the project manager, Mr. Zhang Minquiang a Chinese, the Contract Manager, Mr. Hector Cayabyab, a Filipino and Engineer, Mr. Jeesse Ladesma, also a Filipino.

I asked about the progress of the work at the Nukulaelae boat harbor, they said the project is almost complete except a few more works to be done.

The cargo shed is almost complete except its roof and a passenger shed will soon be constructed and few minor works. They hope to have the work fully completed by the end of April 2021.

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