PM delays the appointment of the new GG

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Issue No. 01/2021 – Monday, 11 January 2021 (Kitiona Tausi)

The Prime Minister, Hon Kausea Natano has delayed the appointment of the nation’s new Governor General, a position that has been vacant for more than a year now. In an interview with Hon Natano this morning, he regretted the current situation although his government has approved the appointment of Mr. Reete Talu from the Nanumaga Island community recently, but because of other circumstances surrounding the candidate, Cabinet deemed it necessary to reconsider its decision regarding the candidate.

Hon Natano revealed to Tuvalu Paradise that Cabinet is very concerned about Mr. Talu having heard stories from some members of the Nanumaga community about issues involving the candidate and the Nanumaga Falekaupule, the Nanumaga Church and his own clan.

Cabinet felt reluctant to fulfill the appointment of Mr. Talu due to these known circumstances that have come to the attention of Government and Cabinet Ministers. As a result Cabinet has informed the Member of Parliament from Nanumaga who is in Cabinet, Minister of Fisheries and Trade, Hon Minute Taupo for any comments.

Hon Taupo is still in Wellington, New Zealand stuck in the COVID-19 lockdown and until Cabinet receives his comments, Cabinet will proceed to move on whether a search for a new candidate or to fulfill the appointment.

Hon Natano reveals to Tuvalu Paradise that Cabinet will ensure that the appointee will be a candidate of great respect and integrity not only by the people of Nanumaga but by the people of the whole country.

Acting GG addresses the nation during Christmas

Acting Governor-General, Her Excellency Mrs. Teniku Talesi addressed the nation on Christmas Eve and her address was broadcasted over Radio Tuvalu and Tuvalu.Tv. In her message she reminded all children of the nation about Tuvalu values and Christian teachings which reflect love, respect, integrity, forgiveness and humility.

She said, “it’s the true picture that was revealed in his birth in a manger, he was not born in a palace nor a respected place, but in a manger which is the true picture that we should look at the manger.

“I am pleased together with the Government to express our gratitude to the various contributions and offerings from various churches, religious bodies and other organizations that have continuously rendered to the development of Tuvalu in this year.

“In celebrating Christmas and the New Year, I am reminding you again that although it is a season of celebrations, we should enjoy the celebrations and festivities in accordance with the spirit of Christmas and that we should enjoy it together with our families, children and elderlies in the family.

“We should also celebrate our achievements in education and efforts as well as the good works that have been completed in this year.  I would like at this moment to greet all Tuvaluans from Nanumea to Niulakita as well as Tuvaluans overseas, at sea, in classrooms at the respective countries where they are residing. I am sure the spirit of Christmas is alive in you.

“To individual families, you are again reminded to use this holiday festive season wisely to get together as families in celebrating Christmas. Be reminded also not to be over-excited with your feastings that can be spoiled by drinking, and ensure that you use the roads safely and care knowing that your children and the elderlies are using the roads as well, preventing road accidents. During this time, it is a time of abundance of food and ensure that you eat healthy and balanced diet.

May God bless you all in this Xmas and New Year season.

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