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Issue No. 01/2021 – Monday, 11 January 2021 (Kitiona Tausi)

Tuvalu Paradise would like to acknowledge its supporters for its first year of operation in 2020. Without it, Tuvalu Paradise would have not been able to continue to this new year, 2021. For the year 2020, financial support has been received from its subscribers, local and overseas (individuals and organizations as well as diplomatic missions.

Some of its subscribers have been making special donations to the newspaper, for example, Clare Welan the Health Planning and Management Adviser, Department of Health, donated an amount of $1,000; Paul Johnson, Chairman of Tuvalu Entertainment, UK donated an amount of $1,000; Mr. Kamel Mozay from Dubai, UAE donated $600; Michael Batty, Fisheries Adviser donated $500.

There are also diplomatic missions who subscribed to the newspaper: Australian High Commission in Tuvalu, Taiwan Embassy in Tuvalu, US Embassy in Suva, Fiji. Japan Embassy in Suva, Fiji.

There are also local and overseas individual subscribers.

Thank you very much for your contributions and support which I hope would continue to this new year 2021.

Tuvalu Paradise reorganises

Tuvalu Paradise is published by KMT News Corporation, a private company legally registered in Tuvalu and has completed its first year of operation in 2021 after it has been officially launched in the beginning of 2020. The company is owned by Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi as the Chief Executive Officer of the company and Editor and Reporter of “Tuvalu Paradise” written in the English language and the “Tuvalu Ulufonu” in the Tuvalu language.

The newspaper was distributed to subscribers as well to non-subscribers who were interested readers. At the end of last year, 2020, there were more non-subscribers especially individual Tuvaluan in Tuvalu and overseas and I have allowed that to happen in the first year of operation.

But for this year 2021, I would like to seek your invaluable support by subscribing to the two newspapers as they will be providing you with news

of events happening in Tuvalu as well as issues that create opinions on issues like climate changes, human rights, gender issues, religious freedoms, COVID-19, developments and politics and etc.

As for the beginning of 2021, please note that I have also launched a website for these publications and as from the beginning of February 2021 and provided the website is fully developed, the newspapers could only be accessed through the website <tuvaluparadise.tv). In the meantime, I am distributing the publications through the subscribers’ e-mail addresses.

To make things fair with those who have subscribed for the year 2021, I will stop getting the newspaper to those who have not subscribed. I regret for that but things have to be done that way.

For the year 2020, I would like also to specifically acknowledge the support and assistance from the Taiwan Embassy for subscribing to the two publications as well as financing the laptop computer for my office.

Thank you very much Ambassador Mark Su and your staff which have been very generous in supporting the company.

There were also occasions when the staff of the Embassy invited myself and my wife for lunch or for dinner showing their interest in reading the articles in the publications.

So for this new year, “Tuvalu Paradise” and “Tuvalu Ulufonu” will be published at my convenience since I am the only person working on this publications, it can be once, or twice or daily depending on my situation but I will ensure that an issue of the two newsaper will be pubished not less than once a week.

Again the subsrciption rates are as follow:

TUVALU PARADISE NEW SUBSCRIPTION RATES As from the 01 January 2021, Tuvalu Paradise News’ new annual subscription rates will become effective as in the followings:

Category:                    Local                  Regional            International

Individual                 $60                       $84                           $120

 Offices/Ministry      $84                       $96                            $180

Organizations          $144                     $180                           $300

Diplomatic missions      $200                $200                           $300

Payments can be made by bank transfers or by Western Union to this account or by bank transfer to: Name of Bank: National Bank of Tuvalu Account Name: 9 Atoll News Account No. 01:267706 – 30

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