Nukufetau considers its working community in the development of its ISP (2021-2030)

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Issue No. 07/2021 – Monday, 1 February 2021 (Kitiona Tausi)

Nukufetau is the only island in Tuvalu that considers and contemplates the importance of its working community on the capital to assist in the formulation and development of its Integrated Strategic Plan (ISP) for 2021 – 2030. It is also the only strategic plan that has a much longer life of 10 years compared with the rest of the islands that have a 4-year lifelong plan.

In an interview with reporter of the Tuvalu Broadcasting Corporation, the Head of the Island Council, Mr. Filioma Teafiula, explained that its working community on the capital requested if they could convene the consultation on the capital. The request was approved by the Nukufetau Falekaupule on the basis of recognizing the important contributions its working community on the capital could offer.

About 19 people from the main island came to participate in the consultation and included all leaders of the community, the High Chief, councilors, village sections, youth association, Tamanuku and etc.

The consultation began today and it will be for 4 days. It is expected that a last consultation will be held on the islands itself sometimes in March 2021 when the plan will have to be finalized.

For this new plan, the consultation will review the past plan and to see what have not been achieved and if they can be roll over to this new plan. There are also several projects that have been completed in the last Kaufata plan and included health projects like the construction of patients’ wards, sea wall, the new Council Office and others. What’s new in the new Kaufata Plan is the construction of climate proof housing and it is a big project and is to be funded by an allocation in the Council’s 2021 Budget.

The Council has also managed to complete a few of its projects last year and included workshops, the Council living quarters which are being occupied now, fish storage facility and road maintenance.

The Fish Market has been completed and was financed by the Fish Market itself and any fisherman has to take his catch to this storage facility and people have to go and buy fish from this facility. The market is an entity separate from the Council and has an annual allocation from the Council budget.

In regard to education, Mr. Teafiula said it is now three years since the Primary School students used classrooms provided by the Council because the Nukufetau Primary School Classroom project is yet to be completed. Therefore, students are being handicapped because the current classrooms provided by the Council are not in good condition and when it was raining, school had to be cancelled. Even toilet facilities are not available and students have to go to their homes and use the toilet.

It is Government’s plan to complete the new classrooms sometimes this year.

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